Starburst Pearl Earrings

Starburst Pearl Earrings

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This earring exudes glamour, with a stud fitting this earring covers the ear with a myriad of lines to give a contemporary setting to the much loved teardrop pearl. 

Gold and Freshwater Pearls.

Customise your earrings: 925 Sterling Silver, 14ct Yellow Gold

Dimensions of earrings: 20mm across, 25mm from top of earring to bottom of pearl. 

*Each piece of jewellery is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks once your order has been placed.

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Inspired by coastal landscapes and rock formations. Each piece of jewellery is beautifully crafted in Dundee using traditional jewellery making techniques. Elizabeth’s contemporary designs come to life in precious metals and stones, provoking an understated glamorous feel that inspire you to bring touch of luxury into your everyday.